Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an opportunity to engage in a robust conversation vis-à-vis creating the best path forward. Done properly, this will allow the executive team to define a plan for the future balancing opportunity with risk, and to build a successful bridge between strategic outcomes and day-to-day execution.

​​​​​​​We facilitate a strategic planning workshop which is preceded by one-on-one interviews with the individual participants in order to identify relevant background material. The group will be asked to identify the strengths and weaknesses within the areas of selected topics and to focus on the opportunities and attendant risks. Creative ideas will then be explored through scenario planning to deal with the results obtained in the SWOT analysis. The goal is an open exchange of ideas with work done to evaluate and integrate the ideas into a structured format.

Specific elements for discussion include:

Environmental Scan - description of the current marketplace; description of the envisioned future marketplace; macroeconomic factors at play; and major risk factors

Visions & Values – discussion of current communications strategy as seen by various stakeholders; key differentiators; vision and values as seen by various stakeholders; the current culture; the future desired culture; how internal and external views differ on the above discussed topics

Strategic Targets – identification of strategic targets for the next 1-3 years with associated benchmarks; core elements necessary for success; and key performance indicators for each (e.g. operations, sales & marketing, supply chain, distribution, finance & administration, fixed assets, human resources, research & development etc.)

Organizational Makeup - a description of the organizational makeup necessary to achieve these benchmarks on an integrated basis (i.e. pillars; leverage points; core competencies; structure; organizational targets); and major risk factors in achieving these benchmarks

Execution Implications - a definition of the resources required to achieve the previously developed targets; implementation implications (e.g. recruitment; training; business transformation (planning, process re-engineering, human capital, technology & infrastructure); financial; risk management

Key Strategic Action Programs - key next steps (who; what; where; when); and prioritization of the above listed key action items


At the culmination of the workshop we deliver a document, reflecting the thoughts and findings of the strategic planning workshop including a clear blueprint for the next steps forward. We also envision the strengthening of key stakeholder relationships as this new framework will reflect decisions supported by a common integrated view of the future. We are also available to support the implementation phase by meeting monthly or quarterly if desired.